For Dear Moms and for those who wish to be

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Guided relaxations for dear moms & for those who wish to be
· To awaken your intuition & to be pregnant
· Helps the brain development of your child
· Helps to relieve from simple Stress to disorders such as Anxiety , Somatoform and Etc
· Develop Positive thoughts and thereby healing your baby & your body
· Seperate method for individuals of all religions
· Helps to conceive a Healthy baby
· To give birth to a healthy baby
· Helps to manage diabetes & High Blood Pressure
· Special method for Buddhists including loving kindness , Passing on merits and determination
· Proven scientific methods such as Law of Attraction & NLP techniques
Please listen to one of these relaxations at least once a day ( if possible use headphones ) and act according to the instructions to achieve positive future goals & to lead a healthy , Wealthy & a contented Life
Sanjaya Samarasekara ( Dip In Counseling & Psychotheraphy )