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Guru Eco-system comprises of various initiatives that provide e-learning based solutions catering the needs and wants of 6 million Sri Lankan internet population as well as numerous international audiences. has more than 500 courses under various categories, spanning from school education to professional education, general skills, entrepreneurial skills, soft skills, IT skills and many more.

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Other Guru Initiatives

Guru Banking Academy – Sri Lanka

Offers a high quality e-learning experience for students reading for banking and finance related courses and provides e-learning supporting materials (Sinhala/English mediums) to ace the IABF and DABF examinations.

Hospitality Academy

E-courses in Guru Hospitality Academy will provide the rightful guidance for you to ace your exams and to excel in your job related tasks to achieve your career goals.

Influence the future leaders

Support the next generation to earn the maximum benefits of the emerging technology for better education. Invest in the provisioning of better education for the highest potential students who are most likely to become the leaders of the next generation.

Guru International Banking Academy

Offers a high quality e-learning experience for those who are working in the banking / finance related occupations and provides e-learning supporting materials to enhance their ability of better achieving their goals.