1. What is guru.lk?
  2. guru.lk is an online learning portal, powered by Headstart (Pvt) Ltd that enables professionals to share their valuable knowledge and experiences with students across the country, “learn anywhere, anytime”.

  3. What makes guru.lk the best choice for online learning?
  4. guru.lk is enriched with high quality and interactive learning materials developed by the subject matter experts who are prominent in the subject area. These learning materials caters to the learning needs of a vast audience including secondary, vocational and professional education. Access to guru.lk can be easily obtained through any device with an internet connection, at an affordable price.

  5. What makes Web-based learning effective?
  6. guru.lk provides users an enhanced user experience in assessing and fulfilling learning requirements of the users with accurate, informative, interactive and high quality learning materials, designed specifically for self-paced learning. It also enables users to obtain required clarifications, through forums.

  7. What are the advantages of Web-based learning?
    • Knowledge on demand
    • Self-paced learning
    • Effective learning with multimedia features such as narrations, videos and animations with illustration
    • Assessment with immediate feedback
    • Automated recordkeeping

  8. Can I customize my profile page?
  9. The layout is common for all users, but it can be personalized with your profile information.

  10. Can I create my own courses?
  11. Only professionals and institutes which are authorized by Headstart (Pvt) Ltd can create courses.

  12. What are the hardware and software requirements, required to access guru.lk?
  13. All you need is a computer or a digital device with an internet connection. Many of the courses require some free plug-ins that are usually included in your web browser.

  14. What type of courses are available?
  15. All courses are categorized under “School” – secondary education, “Skills” – vocational and “Professional” and they are available in https://guru.lk

  16. How do users enroll to courses?
  17. There are many ways that a user can sign up for a course.

    • Select the course from the list of course and click on the “Buy” button. You can pay using your mobile phone, eazy cash or credit card.
    • Send an SMS with the course ID to 445 (Dialog users) or to 477 (Mobitel users). The course fee will be deducted as specified in the course page.

    Click here to view the User Manual

  18. How do users log in to guru.lk?
  19. Users may use https://guru.lk/user/multi-login to enter the username and password in order to login to guru.lk.

  20. I get a black screen when I try to play a lesson on Guru. How do I fix it?
  21. This happens because Guru.lk uses Adobe Flash to preview the lessons. New versions of internet browsers don’t support Adobe Flash by default. Therefore, you need to manually activate it. Click here to view a guide on how to activate Adobe Flash on different internet browsers.

  22. How much time is required for users to learn to use guru.lk?
  23. Since guru.lk and the learning materials incorporated are designed to be intuitive, even first time internet users, may use the system with ease.

  24. What should I do If I require assistance when registering or navigating through a course?
    • Help: https://guru.lk/help
    • Contact Customer services through
      • Hotline: 011-7727577 / 0702701701
      • Email: support@headstart.lk
    • Contact Product related services through
      • Secondary category: 0702701704
      • Professional category: 0702701706 (Banking Exams)
      • Skills category: 0702701702

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