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ඔබ ප‍්‍රවීණ ආයතනික පුහුණුකරුවෙක්, පාසල් හෝ උපකාරක පන්ති ගුරුවරයෙක් එසේත් නැතිනම් ඔබේ දැනුම ලෝකයා සමඟ බෙදාහදා ගැනීමට උනන්දුවක් දක්වන අයෙක් ද?

මිලියන පහකට අධික ශ‍්‍රී ලාංකේය අන්තර්ජාල පරිශීලකයන් සමඟ ඔබගේ දැනුම බෙදාහදා ගන්න. වෙනසකට මුල පුරමු.

එක්වන්න සමඟින්.

Build Your Brand

Build your very own brand, combining your strengths and knowledge with user expectations. Improve your online presence and build a loyal follower base by promoting your knowledge and capability amongst thousands of Guru users.

Extra Source of Income

Become a Guru and take advantage of lucrative opportunities in the e-learning sphere. Use your free time to share your knowledge and skills, reach thousands of users from the comfort of your home, and establish a steady source of income.

Own the Most Sophisticated Learning Management System

E-learning is the most popular technology-based learning method in the world. Guru’s computer-based training creates a new learning environment rich with interaction and engagement.

Spiritual Happiness

As an empowered Guru, you can make an impact in the lives of thousands. Play a part in bringing affordable, accessible education to those who need it most.

Stay in Touch with Your Followers

While allowing you to instantly share knowledge with a large community, also creates a platform through which you can maintain a continuous line of communication with your followers.

Greener Environment

As a responsible global citizen, leverage e-learning to reduce your carbon footprint. As you share and access knowledge, take advantage of the environmental benefits of’s online, paperless learning platform.

Makes Learning Easier than Ever

Attract and retain followers with a flexible and accessible training platform. Offer unique learning opportunities to your followers at their own time, pace, and convenience.

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